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Tallahassee,  FL
DAY 10
Monday,  July 15
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From: Gainesville FL
Total Distance: 151 miles
Estimated Total Time: 3 hours

Tallahassee FD Station 1
327 N Adams Rd

Morgan, District Fire Chief

I arrived late in the evening, sometime after midnight. I drove up to the Capitol, and met some nightshift State Capitol Police out front on guard. I introduced myself, they had also known about the banner coming here, and asked if they could sign it. It was usual for them to miss the daytime events, and felt this was a good opportunity. So, I unrolled a section right there outside the front guard gate for them to do so.

Leaving there, I woke up Morgan at the FD, and he almost reluctantly let me in. I explained my situation to him, and then I was welcomed to stay the night. Apparently, he was not told of my coming here, especially so late.

In the morning, the firefighters were in the kitchen having breakfast, and apparently reading about the banner in the newspaper. Morgan was relieved to see that, and glad he let me in.

Tallahassee State Capitol

Jeb Bush, Governor Florida
Sandy Shaunessy, Cultural Affairs
Sherrie Route, Event Organizer

It was prearranged earlier during the week for the banner to be displayed in the Rotunda. It was an honor to have the banner here, and made it seem even more important. There were many visiting tourist, and residents here to take part in signing the banner. I really never expected to meet the Governor, and I was very surprised when Governor Jeb Bush came out to meet me, and sign the banner. It was a great way to end the week’s events. I drove home that night excited to tell Paige what happened. The energy that was surrounding the banner now was monumental. And if anything now, we definitely had a historical project in the making. And it was perfect for what we needed, as for in a few days we would certainly be leaving on a long road trip across America.

Buzz Conover, News Director

Tallahassee Capitol
Angela Serino, Reporter

Tallahassee Democrat
Rahkia Nance, Reporter
Read Article (PDF)

Andrea Brown, Reporter

Wade Bishop, Photojournalist

Read Letter from Gov. Bush (PDF)