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Jacksonville,  FL
DAY 14
Sunday,  July 21
click photo to enlarge
From: Ft Lauderdale FL
Total Distance: 327 miles
Estimated Total Time: 5 hours

Jacksonville FD Station 1

Marvin Johnson, Battalion Chief

This was the absolutely the last stop in FL. It was early evening when I arrived at the FD. They had known I was going to stop by, and invited me to stay for dinner, and conversation. It felt very spiritual.

I spread the banner out in the driveway, and one of the firefighters took his time, and did a really nice drawing to represent the FD. I knew this was meaningful, and a great way to begin the journey ahead. They also offered a lot of encouragement, spirit, and pride. Any nervousness that I had up to this point about what I was doing had now been diminished. I was sure things would be fine, and I would receive plenty of support, and help. I drove straight through the night to Columbia SC.