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South Carolina

Columbia,  SC
DAY 15
Monday,  July 22
click photo to enlarge
From: Jacksonville FL
Total Distance: 249 miles
Estimated Total Time: 5 hours

Columbia FD & Fire Museum Station 1
1800 Laurel St

Robert D. Coble, Mayor
John Jansen Jr, Fire Chief
John Reich, Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal

I arrived at the FD late in the evening. My arrival was expected, and accommodations were made for me to stay the night. In the morning the entire FD was preparing for the first real official presentation of the banner, outside of FL.

The location was perfect; it was a FD and a Fire Museum. A live media event with the Mayor was scheduled for noon time news, in which I was given the “Key to the City”. The public was well informed of the banner being here. It was a wonderful turn out, and I felt very proud to have this happening with the banner project. It gave me more confidence to continue on with it. I knew after this, we could not fail now, and would make it all the way. We had the recognition of two states now, and were looking forward to the next, Raleigh NC.

Mary Nguyen, Reporter

Rich Wandover, News Photographer

TV/CH2 City of Columbia
Travis Lide, Producer

SC News Network
Katrina Jackson, Reporter

WVOC/AM Radio 560