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North Carolina

Raleigh,  NC
DAY 16
Tuesday,  July 23
click photo to enlarge
From: Columbia SC
Total Distance: 280 miles
Estimated Total Time: 5 hours

Raleigh FD Station 1
222 West Target St

Barry Spaza FF
Lee Dunn FF

Paige had made contact for me with the FD, and they were expecting my late arrival. I was met by the Battalion Chief, and he led me to the downtown station, where I was welcome to spend the night.

In the morning, I shared the banner with the firefighters during their shift change. They were aware of the banner coming here, and then assisted me in getting it over to the Convention Center, where I was scheduled to be during the afternoon.

Fayetteville Convention Center
500 Fayetteville St. Mall

Charles Meeker, Mayor
Doug Grissom, Manager
Bob Leyes, House Manager

I was suppose to set up outside in the plaza area. However, the weather was not so good, and instead I went inside the front entrance of a busy central atrium of the convention center. This was adjacent and accessible by many downtown offices, shops, and visiting tourist. Plans had also been made for me to meet the mayor, and the media here. WLFL/WB22
Frank Recchia, Reporter

TV CH 14 News
Katie Marzullo, Reporter

Mark Falgout, Reporter

TV CH 5 News
Courtney Davis, Reporter

Triangle Tribune
Rylanda Nickerson, Photographer