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Columbus,  OH
DAY 19
Friday,  July 26
click photo to enlarge
From: Charleston WV
Total Distance: 163 miles
Estimated Total Time: 3 hours

Columbus FD Station 1

Donogh Hernon, IAFF Local 67
Mike Angelastro, FF

I was beginning to establish a steady routine; events with the banner during the early morning or afternoon, and then drive until night time to the next location. The average distance was about 3 6 hours. I would try to time it so that my arrival was not too late, and a visit to a FD was usually just after dinner hour, typically a good time to arrive.

The mood was always a good one, and plenty of things were still going on. Most of the time, they were washing trucks, watching TV, or had some other type of activity going on. This particular FD was fairly large, and was one of the busiest on alarm calls. For me, the FD became a safe and comfortable place to be. And being alone on the road for these first two weeks, they were always helpful and supportive of the banner project. It also always provided me with excellent conversation about the duties these individuals perform, and about their part in September 11th.

Columbus State Capitol

Kathryn Jordan, Special Events Coordinator
Scott Prislusky, Assistant SEC

Gary Lewis, Highway Patrol Officer
Sherry Mercurrio, Public Information Officer

Also being at the FD, the day starts very early, which is a good thing for me. I needed to always make the most of each day. On this morning, I went right over to the Capitol Square located downtown. Advance arrangements had been made to be out-front on the plaza. It was really nice day, and I displayed all four sections. It was a busy area, particularly during lunch break hour, in which many people passing by stopped to sign the banner. It was always nice to speak with people about the project, and hear what they had to say about the events of 9/11. Before leaving, a State Trooper specifically had come by to sign the banner, and donate a uniform patch.

The Times-Reporter
Benjamin Duer, Reporter