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Coral Springs/Ft Lauderdale,  FL
Friday,  July 05
click photo to enlarge
From: Ft Lauderdale FL
Total Distance: 10 miles
Estimated Total Time: 1hour

Cocogate Plaza
5109 Coconut Creek Parkway

Dan Steele, Margate FD Battalion Chief

Since we were not sure how things were going to turn out, we thought the one 4 x16 ft section was going to be plenty for what we had planned. It wasnít. We got up early, and had another section made. This time we were able to make it quicker because it was just plain white paper being laminated, and no graphic image was involved. Golden Place Jewelry was a location that we had several friends at, and they were active in getting others involved with signing the banner, along with support from the area FD, PD, and City Officials.

Gateway Shopping Center
1928 East Sunrise Blvd

Rich Pearl, Ft Lauderdale FD Battalion Chief

Later in the evening we had plans to bring the banner to Victoriaís Attic. This is very popular consignment shop that is frequently visited by our local community. Itís a great gathering spot, so we invited our friends to join us here with the FD. By the end of the evening the second section was almost half covered. We were also very grateful that several of our friends and guest made personal donations to help support the project, and get us started on our road trip around FL.

CITY LINK Magazine
Byline: T.M. Shine
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