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Atlanta,  GA
DAY 22
Monday,  July 29
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From: Nashville TN
Total Distance: 249 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

Hampton Inn & Suites
161 spring St

W. Craig Smith, General Manager

I arrived late in the evening the night before. I had introduced myself to the night manager, and explained my mission with the project. As an explanation was always needed once I began to bring in items from the car. He was kind enough to treat me to a complimentary room. And as usual, it was customary to share the banner with the staff, and give them the commemorative posters. I got a good nights rest, and got started early in the morning for the days event planned at the Capitol.

Atlanta State Capitol
206 Washington St

Nancy Megrias, Special Projects
Captain A.M. Wilson, Highway Patrol
Captain Les Robinson, Capitol Police

I was looking forward to this event at the Capitol. Many times the banner presentations were outside. However, on this very hot summer day in the south, it was nice to be inside the marble walls, and cool air conditioning. I had the distinct pleasure of setting up in the main rotunda, which was accessible by many employees, and visiting tourist. Officers from the Capitol Police and Highway Patrol also both came by to donate uniform patches, and sign in representation of there respective departments.

Atlanta FD
Atlanta, GA

Before leaving town, I took the banner over to a downtown FD. There was a very large and busy location located across the street. I had the opportunity to briefly meet with some of the firefighters. I even got too met with a special squad, in which went to NYC during the search and recovery process. It was a most informative, and memorable moment on the tour. It was also very emotional. It really made a difference to what I was doing with this banner. It provided me with the strength and courage to achieve the goal of making it to all 48 states, and in NYC on September 11th.