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Shreveport,  LA
DAY 24
Wednesday,  July 31
click photo to enlarge
From: Jackson MS
Total Distance: 223 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

Shreveport FD Station 1
Shreveport LA

Chief Halphen

I spent the night before sleeping in the car at a highway rest area, and finished the drive in the morning. I found the FD and introduced myself here as well. They were very excited to see the project arrive here, and made arrangements to have a media event with it for later in the day. So I visited the area, and met with some of the locals. It turned out that this FD was also a well known historical landmark. Many people came by to sign the banner. It was also dinner time, and invited to stay for fresh catfish!

Tony Casson, Videographer

The Times
Don Alan Walker, Reporter

Louisiana State Highway Patrol Troop F
Monroe LA

Melvin Cottigham, Sergeant

It became part of my regular interest now to visit with the State Police, especially if there was a post in my direct route. On this day I was extra glad I stopped. I was informed of a bad accident ahead, blocking the road for what would be several hours. They were able to assist me in getting around it via an alternate route. They were also happy to have signed the banner as well.