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Dallas,  TX
DAY 25
Thursday,  August 01
click photo to enlarge
From: Shreveport LA
Total Distance: 188 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

City Hall Complex
650 S. Griffen

Deborah Grant-Bishop, Events Coordinator
Mackie Don Ham, Police Lieutenant
Steve E. Abraira, Fire Chief

I arrived the evening before. Paige had made arrangements for me to stay at the downtown Hampton Inn Hotel. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest, and of course this came after sharing the project with the staff and guest.

It had also been prearranged well in advance for me to be at the City Hall Complex. A noontime media and public event with the banner was scheduled with the FD & PD. I also met with several City Officials.

Also on this day, a local gentleman “Buddy Boren” was beginning a 9/11 memorial fund-raising bicycle ride from here to NYC. He was also planning to arrive on the anniversary date. Afterwards, I was invited to a personal guided tour of The Sixth Floor Museum, and Dallas Police Department. This was very interesting, and historically significant. It seemed to reconfirm the importance of making the banner, its part in our history, and may we never forget it.

Bill George, Photojournalist

Nefty Gonzalez, Photojournalist

KRLD 1080 News Radio
Peter Arnel, Reporter

Hampton Inn

Federico Guerrero, Director of Operations