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Oklahoma City,  OK
DAY 26
Friday,  August 02
click photo to enlarge
From: Dallas TX
Total Distance: 207 miles
Estimated Total Time: 3 hours

Oklahoma City FD Headquarters
157 NW 6th

Kirk Humphrys, Mayor
Jon Hansen, Assistant Fire Chief Ret.
Michael Anderson, President local 157 IAFF
Joseph Allbaugh, FEMA Director

This was a very pivotal point in the entire project. First, this is where Paige had committed to joining me on the road. She had done a great deal of tour work in the previous weeks from home. We were both constantly on the cell phone, faxing, and emailing. However, I could no longer handle the project alone; it was getting way to big. The banner grew to be 5 sections, and we were starting on the 6th.

Secondly, it was arranged for us from the start (by Dawn Byrum, see Orlando FL) to meet with Jon Hansen. He was the Assistant Fire Chief in charge of operations during the Oklahoma City Bombing. Jon generously spent two full days with us, in which he took us on a personal guided tour of the National Memorial. Jon further extended his hospitality by inviting us to stay at his home with him, and his family. He was also very instrumental in helping us make FD contacts in several other states, especially in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Jons personal assistant Linda, and good friend Fred Mendoza were an additional help with public relations, and organizing presentations of the banner. At the FD, FEMA was there to do a Special Educational Program. It felt honorable, in addition to everything else that happened thus far, to have Mr. Allbaugh sign the banner.

Terri Watkins, Reporter

KTOK 1000 News Radio
Scott Karnik, News Editor

KOMA Radio
Studio Interview