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Daytona Beach,  FL
Saturday,  July 06
click photo to enlarge
From: Ft Lauderdale FL
Total Distance: 248 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

Daytona Beach FD

Daytona Speedway /Pepsi 400
International Blvd

We really didnít have any plans past 4th of July, not knowing what to expect on our first day. That night we decided to take it up to the Daytona for the weekend. Paige had to work, so I took a friend with me that had been helping, and wanted to go. This was the first time we actually went to a FD unannounced. They really related to what we were doing and encouraged us to continue with it. In fact, they radioed the race track, told them about us, and to welcome us with the banner.

The annual summer NASCAR event was in town, and there were people here from all over the USA. We knew this was another good opportunity to get reactions to what we were doing, and to see if the banner was a good idea. We unrolled the two sections we had outside near the front entrance before the race was to begin. It was positively overwhelming, and received wonderful comments about the project, and many signatures. People from everywhere in the U.S. began to ask us if we were coming to there city or town with it. The next morning we headed up to St. Augustine.

Shannon Fitzpatrick, reporter