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Amarillo,  TX
DAY 28
Sunday,  August 04
click photo to enlarge
From: Oklahoma City OK
Total Distance: 258 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

Amarillo FD
821 S Johnson St

Mike Cambell, District Chief
Bob Johnson, Captain

It was beautiful summer day, and we enjoyed the drive across northern Texas. We new in the western states, our drives would be much longer from point to point. With the two of us now, would be able to stay on the tight schedule. And this also allowed some time to do some sight seeing, and photography. As we were driving we could see this cross from miles away, we figured it had to be very big. In fact, it's the biggest in the Western Hemisphere, 190ft tall (19 stories), located in Pampa, TX.

We arrived by mid afternoon, and met our first FD contact made for us by Jon Hansen (see Oklahoma City OK). It was a Volunteer Fire Station in a pretty quite town, especially on a Sunday. They were expecting us, and were very happy that we came. We were invited to be house guest of Mike and his wife. It felt really good to have this kind of hospitality and accommodations extended to us. It had been several weeks for me of staying in firehouses, or sleeping in the car.

We continued our drive very early in the morning, to meet our second FD contact in Albuquerque NM.