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Phoenix,  AZ
DAY 30
Tuesday,  August 06
click photo to enlarge
From: Albuquerque NM
Total Distance: 465 miles
Estimated Total Time: 7 hours

Phoenix FD Headquarters
150 S. 12th St

Richard Wolf, Fire Chief
Bob Kahn, Assistant Fire Chief
Frank Solomon, Captain
Claude Mattox, Vice Mayor

Steven Wing, Sergeant Air Support Unit
Stephen Gillooly, Police Pilot/Officer

The elevation leaving Flagstaff was 7000ft, and the gradual descent back into the desert valley was breathtaking. It was absolutely a Kodak moment. The morning air was crisp and clear, and as we drove south we stopped periodically to capture the view from the scenic outlooks.

Fire Chief Rich Wolf is a close personal friend of Jon Hansen (see Oklahoma OK) and the Phoenix FD assisted him with the recovery and rescue efforts after the bombing incident. It was prearranged on this day that the banner presentation would be covered as a live afternoon news media event. Many City Officials, FD and PD representatives were there to greet us, and sign there personal message to our historical document.

We were invited to go over to meet with the Air Patrol Unit, via a ride in one of the fire trucks. Inside the helicopter hanger was the perfect place to display the 5 sections of the banner we had thus far. I was also fortunate to ride along on an actual air patrol.

Paige and I were really experiencing what exactly it is these extraordinary individuals do every day with there lifeís. They are dedicated professionals that put there life on the line for people like us everyday. They donít seem different on the outside from most of us; however, on the inside they are very special. Later that evening at the FD, we were made very comfortable with our own private overnight guest room. Although, we often found that the night shift liked having our company.

KFYI 550 News Radio
Ted Houston, Reporter

View Article in The Arizona Republic (PDF)