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Los Angeles,  CA
DAY 32
Thursday,  August 08
click photo to enlarge
From: Los Angeles CA
Total Distance: 5 miles
Estimated Total Time: 1 hour

Los Angeles FD
1327 Cole Avenue

Mike Castillo, Captain
Thomas C. Gikas, Captain

Los Angeles PD
1358 N. Wilcox Avenue

Daniel K. Hudson, Sergeant

There was a FD right near our friendís apartment, in which we visited. They recommended we go over to FD Headquarters across town, which was a very busy complex that incorporated the PD as well. Once there we remembered that Jon (see Oklahoma City OK) told us to ask for Fire Chief Garcia.

The FD & PD helped us display the full banner for everyone to sign. Pictured here is a firefighter cutting of the patch of a police officer who wanted to donate it to the project. This was an excellent example of what this banner meant to these men and women that vow to protect and save us. Like most of all the departments that we visited, there was always a group of people that went to NYC to take part in the rescue and recovery process. LA was no exception; they had sent a large team. This is also a very busy city with radical emergency calls, and there equipment is the best available.

Also while the banner was here, Scott Hansen (Jon's son) came down from where he works in Beverly Hills, and signed his own message next to his dad. It was late afternoon by now, and we had to get started on our long drive ahead. We were looking forward to the change of directions from East to North, and anticipated the drastic change in landscape en route to Sacramento CA.