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Seattle,  WA
DAY 34
Saturday,  August 10
click photo to enlarge
From: Portland OR
Total Distance: 175 miles
Estimated Total Time: 3 hours

Seattle FD Station 5
925 Alaskan Way

Dave Busz. Lieutenant
Luke Carpenter, Assistant Lieutenant

A drive now less than 4 hours was considered a quick one. The ride from Portland was enjoyable, and the scenery was amazing. We even had enough time to stop and make pictures. Our plans called to be at a downtown FD, and we arrived right on time.

The FD was located on a very busy street along Puget Sound. The weather was beautiful, and there was still plenty of daylight before sunset. The area was filled with activity by locals and tourist. The FD greeted us along with the media, and we displayed all the banner sections out on the station driveway. They were eager to help, and most proud to have the banner here. It was at this point we realized how big the banner had become, and how far we traveled.

This was a unique department because it featured the use of Fireboats. This was of special interest knowing that many like these were used on September 11th. We were invited on a tour of the vessels, and given an explanation of how they function. Before leaving, we exchanged gifts. Lt. Carpenter gave us one of his uniform shirts. We were often given t-shirts by the FDs and would wear them everyday. This was a very personal gesture, and remains with the many items of memorabilia donated to the project.

Paige had family that lived here, and had invited us to stay with them. We were very much on tour schedule, and had planned to take the next day completely off.

Ron Norton, Photojournalist