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St Johns/St Augustine,  FL
Sunday,  July 07
click photo to enlarge
From: Daytona FL
Total Distance: 58 miles
Estimated Total Time: 1hour

St Augustine FD
St Johns FD

This is the oldest city in America, and we new it would be of historical importance for the project to have been here. After all, that is what we were trying to create, a historical document. We felt good about being in Daytona, the people we met seemed to appreciate it, and were very supportive.

However, we really werenít interested in appealing to massive crowds like that. It didnít seem to be what we really wanted, it seemed almost too impersonal. By contrast, we enjoyed the connection of talking, and connecting with people on a much more intimate and calmer level. We were interested in learning about how the events of September 11th affected them, and not about just trying to fill up the banner with signatures.

St Augustine and St Johns reconfirmed for us that the FD was good place to visit. We were able to sit and talk for many hours about what it is that these unique individuals do everyday. They shared with us their feelings and concerns about September 11th in much detail. They took deep thought into signing the banner, and donated one of the oldest and rarest FD patches to it. We left feeling very moved. We knew in our hearts what the banner was becoming about, and more clear what we had to do with it.