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Kellogg,  ID
DAY 37
Tuesday,  August 13
click photo to enlarge
From: Seattle WA
Total Distance: 347 miles
Estimated Total Time: 6 hours

Shoshone FD No. 2
14 West Market Street

Dale Costa, Fire Chief

Dave Smith Motors
210 N. Division Street

Skip Robinett

We arrived from Seattle just after midnight, and found ourselves in the middle of the mountains, with very little population around. Especially this time of year, apparently this was a great ski resort area from the looks of things. Again, we took cover and comfort in our mobile home for the remainder of the night. The air was crisp and cool, and offered a fantastic view of the night sky.

We awoke early with the sunrise. We discovered a very quaint town, and friendly FD to visit. The Fire Chief was there making coffee, and invited us in. After some conversation, we unrolled the banner out front. He then walked next door to ask the newspaper to come over. I didnít think the impact of 9/11 was felt way out here out here, but in a certain way it actually meant more.. The small towns were even more patriotic. They werenít used to things like our banner coming through. Many things that were related to September 11th passed through most of the big cities. So they were delighted when we just showed up like we did. We also made a visit to the Dave Smith Motors, a car dealership. We had seen it well decorated with symbols of American pride and spirit. It seemed inviting, and we did want to share the banner with more locals. Next stop after this was Missoula MT.

Shoshone News-Press
Carol Roberts, Reporter
Read Article (PDF)