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Missoula,  MT
DAY 37
Tuesday,  August 13
click photo to enlarge
From: Kellogg ID
Total Distance: 130 miles
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours

Missoula FD
625 East Pine Street

John A. Langstaff, Senior Captain

The drive from Kellogg ID was a relatively quick one. We had not arranged for any sort of official presentation here, but we had contact with the FD. They invited us to please come by as soon as we got into town. We easily found the station, and introduced ourselves. Everyone was very friendly, and delighted to participate in signing the banner.

We learned that that this FD held the trophy for the 2001National Firefighters Competition. From here, we were directed over to a firefighters training facility on the other side of town. It was here that we met many new cadets, and they had the opportunity to sign the banner.

It was summertime, and the days were still very long. We took advantage of this, and continued on our tour to Salt Lake City UT.