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St George,  UT
DAY 38
Wednesday,  August 14
click photo to enlarge
From: Salt Lake City UT
Total Distance: 305 miles
Estimated Total Time: 5 hours

Salt Lake City FD & Emergency Command Center
3380 S. 900 West

Jay Ziolkowski, Captain
Mike Watson, Captain

This afternoon we had arrangements to set the banner up inside the ECC for a media coverage event, in which several city officials attended. This is a very High-Tec and secured location, and was used for the 2000 Olympic Games. We were invited on a tour of the facility, and had the opportunity to discuss the events of 9/11 with high ranking individuals involved in the rescue and recovery process. We learned a great deal more about the procedures, and intense organizing involved. Many of the people here were immediately dispatched to NYC, and Wash DC.

The remaining part of the day was spent doing the usual...vehicle maintenance, laundry, food, phone calls, and faxing. It seemed the time we got to spend meeting people, and signing the banner was far shorter than everything else that needed to be done. Our next scheduled event was going to be a big one in Las Vegas NV on the weekend. We had a day to prepare. Rather than staying here, we drove closer, and stopped at St George UT.

City of St. George FD
51 South 1000 East

Robert B. Stoker, Fire Chief
Kevin A. Taylor, Fire Marshall
Marc M. Mortensen, PIO

The ride through the canyon was gorgeous, and really was something to see. We stopped briefly to climb some cliffs, and make photographs. By mid afternoon we had made it into downtown. We arrived as planned ahead that day, at the FD. They had new we were coming, and the media was also present. And while we were there, other area FDs were there for a meeting. The Washington FD invited us to stay with them at their brand new facility. We had no other plans, so it worked out perfect.

The Spectrum
Patrice St. Germain, Reporter
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