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Las Vegas,  NV
DAY 40
Thursday,  August 15
click photo to enlarge
From: Washington UT
Total Distance: 124 miles
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours

Las Vegas FD
500 N. Casino center Blvd

NY NY Hotel & Casino

Evert Wilson, Public Education Officer
Cherina Kleven, Assistant Fire Chief

We were looking forward to arriving here. Las Vegas was another city highlighted as a landmark goal. Jon Hansen (see OKLAHOMA) informed us of the International Firefighters Association Convention being held here at this time. So we in part planned our tour around making it here for it. This also meant we were exactly on schedule, and looking real good for making it to NYC on September 11th, which was always a concern. We had covered 24 states at this point.

The sections of the banner we had at this time were completely full, and had arranged for more sections to be sent to us. We had used a local Mail Box Etc to have the box sent to, and it was there waiting for us. Everything seemed to be going real smooth. We even found an Office Depot to purchase more needed Sharpie Pens. I even had time for a quick grooming at a nearby SuperCuts.

Over at the FD, we met our contacts, and made arrangements to present the banner on the next morning along with full media coverage. Paige had also made prior contacts at the NY NY Hotel, for our accommodations for the next two nights. We were welcome to display the banner out front here, and it received an overwhelming response from all the visiting firefighters, and tourist.