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Grand Junction,  CO
DAY 43
Sunday,  August 18
click photo to enlarge
From: Las Vegas NV
Total Distance: 507 miles
Estimated Total Time: 9 hours

Grand Junction Park
Grand Junction FD & PD

This is far as I could get on my solo drive from Las Vegas. I did stop several times to make photographs of the vast landscape, and then arrived close to midnight. I found a safe rest area, and slept in the car. Upon awaking, I discovered the beauty of the Rocky Mountains all around me. This was a ski resort town, and it was very quite on this summer day.

There was an event taking place in the park downtown. A church group was hosting a "feed the homeless" day. I set the banner out on the grass, and invited everyone to sign. It was a peaceful and spiritual way to spend a Sunday morning. Afterwards, I went over to the FD and PD Complex located nearby. They invited the media to greet me, and talk about the banner project. By noontime, I departed to finish the drive to Denver.

Chris Miller, Reporter