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Denver,  CO
DAY 43
Sunday,  August 18
click photo to enlarge
From: Grand Junction CO
Total Distance: 245 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

Denver FD Central Staion 1
745 West Colefax

Larry D. Trujillo, Assistant Fire Chief

I got in just before 8pm, and the FD was still busy with activity. They had been awaiting my arrival, and had been in phone contact with me through the day. They actually had dinner held for me, and made me feel right at home. Many of FD's by now had heard about the banner project. The networking through the FD was very wide spread, word traveled fast amongst them. And with the internet, it was that much faster.

We sat together around a large dining table with coffee, and held conversation. Everyone was anxious to see and sign the banner. It was great to have so much help, as it was a lot of work now spreading out all the sections. It was definitely amazing to see it all laid out. I remembered when it was one section, 41 days and 24 states ago. I was welcome to stay at the FD, and I joined in on the usual fire department past times. It's here where you can find some of the greatest Chefs, Car Washes, Laundry, and Pranksters!