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Denver,  CO
DAY 44
Monday,  August 19
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From: Denver CO
Total Distance: 0 miles
Estimated Total Time: 0 hours

Denver FD Central Staion 1
745 West Colefax

The plan was for Paige to fly into Denver this morning, and we would then leave for Wyoming. However, she was involved in a long overnight emergency at the Pet Hospital where she works, and missed her early morning flight. It wasn’t a big deal, we were very much on schedule, and did not have any events planned until late Tuesday anyway.

So basically I had a free day, until she got in on an evening flight. I used some of the time to do tour advance work, and organize stuff. Asst. Fire Chief, Larry Trujillo was also very hospitable to take time out of his busy day, and show me around the city. I am a baseball fan, so we even went over to the stadium where the Rockies play. Too bad they were out of town. I also used the remainder of the day alone to do some pleasurable sight seeing, and photography.

At the airport just outside the city, I watched a beautiful mile high sunset while waiting for Paige to arrive. We were happy to be back together, and would catch up on all current events throughout the long night drive to Cheyenne WY.