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Cheyenne,  WY
DAY 45
Tuesday,  August 20
click photo to enlarge
From: Denver CO
Total Distance: 419 miles
Estimated Total Time: 7 hours

Cheyenne FD & Municipal Building
2101 O'Neil Avenue

Michael W. Pepmeir, Public Education Officer

From the looks on a map, it doesn't seem that far a distance from Denver. However, it is. We stopped several times at area rest stops to nap, refuel, and get snacks. We witnessed another spiritual sunrise together in the middle of a prairie, all alone, save a few roaming bison. Whenever we could separate our thoughts from the banner project, we found ourselves reflecting on a nation of much earlier times, and settlement. We seemed to be simultaneously making history, and re-living it. I have always enjoyed reading about American History, so on the finishing miles into town I reminisced with Paige about the adventures of Lewis and Clark.

We arrived mid morning at the FD, and were right back on schedule. It had been arranged that the Mayor would be here to greet us. The firefighters were eager to help us set up, participate in signing, and share in conversation about 9/11.

It turned out that it was also an election day for their city, and this is where people were coming to vote. So we had a terrific public turn out for such a remote quite town. Before leaving to Omaha NE, Paige and I were still excited about seeing that bison. Michael Pepmeir volunteered to take us to a nearby ranch where we got the opportunity to see some up close.