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Kearney,  NE
DAY 45
Tuesday,  August 20
click photo to enlarge
From: Cheyenne WY
Total Distance: 317 miles
Estimated Total Time: 5 hours

Kearney Volunteer FD
2211 Avenue A

Larry E. Pratt, Fire Chief
Todd Walton, Captain

We knew that it was a full day’s drive across the plains to our next scheduled event in Omaha. I seen the name of this little town on the map, and new I wanted stop here. I have a very good friend who has this same last name, and thought it would be interesting to visit. And it was a good halfway destination. Little did we know how much history was involved, and that we would spend so much more time here.

We began by calling the FD and asking if it would be alright to visit, even though we would not be arriving until late in the evening. We were told it would be fine, and someone would come to meet us there. It was a volunteer station, which meant nobody was regularly always there. We got in nearly close to midnight, and there to meet us were several younger firefighters whom were looking forward to signing the banner.

It turns out that the FD is a historical landmark, and houses a collection of many valuable items from early American History, and Firefighting. Kearney is home to the original Pony Express, and the Great Platte River Road. After a brief tour of the FD, we decided to get a hotel room, and see more of this place in the morning.