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Omaha,  NE
DAY 46
Wednesday,  August 21
click photo to enlarge
From: Kearney NE
Total Distance: 192 miles
Estimated Total Time: 3 hours

The Archway Monument
1 Archway Parkway

We were fortunate to get a room at the Inn, after all it was summer, and many tourists were traveling. We had quietly checked in, and did not make any mention of the banner project.

We decided to get an early start, and take part in the complimentary breakfast. Upon leaving, I asked to send a fax at the front desk, and it was then that the owners discovered that we were the couple that was just on the TV news this morning. We were scheduled to be at a media event in Omaha later in the day. They were so moved by our efforts, that they immediately refunded our room expense, and fax charges. Of course we gave them some posters, and brought out a section of the banner for them to sign.

The Archway Monument is an incredible museum dedicated to the history of the pioneers. Our visit here was greatly valued, and added another reconfirming perspective to our memorial project, and American life.

Omaha FD
1516 Jackson Street

Denver Schmadeke, Assistant Fire Chief

We arrived from Kearney by mid afternoon and right on time. There was a large group gathered waiting for us there. The FD had arranged along with the media for the public to come here to sign the banner. We laid the entire project out inside the truck bay. Also present were several City Officials and the Omaha Police Union Local 101 made a generous contribution to help fund the banner project.

We spent the evening here at the FD, and we were more than happy to. A bad storm was developing, and would be crossing our path. Besides, it was dinner time, and it was fried fish sandwiches. We would depart very earlier in the morning to be in Topeka KS by 9am.

View Article in Omaha World Herald (PDF)

Jim Schugel, Reporter
John Haxby, Photojournalist