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Topeka,  KS
DAY 47
Thursday,  August 22
click photo to enlarge
From: Omaha NE
Total Distance: 170 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

City Hall
215 SE 7th Street

Butch Felker, Mayor
Major Mark A. Goodloe, Kansas Highway Patrol

Topeka FD
Jefferson Street

Greg Bailey, Chief Community Affairs
Ty Christian, Lieutenant IAFF Local 83

Kansas Museum of History
6425 SW 6th Ave

Rebecca Martin, Director

Holiday Inn
605 SW Fairlawn Rd

Linda Shove-Morgan, General Manager
Roxanne Turbot, Reservationist

We left Omaha about 5am to make it here for a 9am meeting at City Hall. Arrangements were made with the FD to meet the Mayor here, and to display the banner project. From here we brought the banner over to the FD. This gave us the opportunity to meet with more firefighters, and to speak with them about their reactions to 9/11. One of the news channels also met us here to do a feature interview with us about the banner.

Chief Bailey also introduced us to the Rebecca at the Kansas Museum of History. We donated one of the posters to the permanent collection of September 11th items. The FD had also arranged for us to have a complimentary room at a hotel while we were here for the night.

Marty Carpenter, Director

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