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Tampa,  FL
Thursday,  July 11
click photo to enlarge
From: Bradenton FL
Total Distance: 47 miles
Estimated Total Time: 1hour

Bradenton FD Station 3

Dana Tindell, Captain

I had stayed the evening with some friends. Leaving the next morning to Tampa, I decided to make a stop at another FD, which happened to be on the road I was taking out of town. I could see them out back washing trucks, and hoses. It was a small department, and they were excited that I stopped to share the project with them. They told me they had heard about it from the newspaper, and seen it on the TV news. They called headquarters and told me to go there, that there was actually a big meeting going on, and I could most likely meet some of the FD Chiefs.

Bradenton FD Headquarters Station 1
1010 9th Avenue W

Mark L. Souders, Fire Chief

I wasn’t quite ready for what I had walked into. It was a very large FD, and it was a big meeting. The front watchman had anticipated me coming, and asked me to get the banner. They would pull some trucks out, and help lay it out inside the truck bay. I couldn’t believe that they actually stopped their meeting, and came out to sign the banner. They thanked me for coming, and collectively had made a generous contribution to the project. And I reciprocated by giving them each a poster.

Tampa Police Headquarters & Museum
411 N. Franklin St

Detective Batista
Lieutenant Pennington
PIO Katie Hughes

I made it to downtown Tampa just prior to lunch hour. I had arrangements to set up outside in front of the Police Headquarters & Museum. It is located adjacent to a very busy common area in which people come to gather on there lunch break. Many people could see me setting up from their office windows, and came down specifically for the opportunity to sign the banner. It also helped that the weather was really nice that day. I stayed there for most of the afternoon enjoying conversation with the occasional passer by, and visiting tourist.

Tom Walters
Liz Madonna

The Tampa Tribune
Kathy Moore-Lengell, Photojournalist

Tampa FD Headquarters Station 1
808 Zack St

Hector Noyas Jr, Fire Investigator

Afterwards, I learned that there was very large FD just on the other side of town, so I stopped there before continuing on to Orlando for the night. I was greeted with much respect, and invited to bring the project upstairs to there conference room. It was near dinner time, and a call went out over the P.A. for all to participate in signing the banner. I spoke with several firefighters in detail about there experience going to NYC. They voluntarily contacted the Orlando FD, to tell them more about me, and to see what they could arrange in short notice to present the banner. I was becoming to understand how close the brotherhood of firefighters is.