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Sioux City,  IA
DAY 51
Monday,  August 26
click photo to enlarge
From: St Joseph MO
Total Distance: 226 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

Super 8 Motel
2530 Singing Hills Blvd

Jeanne Neumiller, General Manager
Lynn Snyder, Assistant Manager

Sioux City FD
601 Douglas Street

Brian Thiele, PIO

Scott D. Plambeck, Lt. Col. Fighter Pilot

We managed to make it by early evening, and found our way to a hotel for the night. We had a scheduled presentation with the banner at the FD. The news media had done a live broadcast with us in the morning, and by mid afternoon we had many people come here to sign the banner.

The next location for us was only hour away. We new we could do another stop with the banner on this day. We had planned as well to be in Sioux Falls SD.

Josie Koler, News Anchor

KG95 Radio Works
Bill Rinehart, News Reporter

Sioux City Journal
Tim Hynds, Chief Photographer