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Fargo,  ND
DAY 52
Tuesday,  August 27
click photo to enlarge
From: Sioux Falls SD
Total Distance: 250 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

Fargo FD
637 N Pacific Ave

Bruce Hueber, Fire Chief
Rob Wilson, PIO
Pattti Wasmuth, Deputy Sheriff

We had left very early and drove wide open across the vastness. There was nothing around for miles. And if we thought Sioux Falls was a small town…Fargo was even smaller. However, there is a lot of heart in a town like this. We had arranged to be at the FD before noon. We had a great time visiting with the FD, and community shops that surround it. The events of September 11th were felt here as well, and no one seemed to forget. From here we would make it by evening to Minneapolis MN.

Dave Erickson, Photojournalist

Read Article in The Forum (PDF)

View letter from Fargo Fire Department (PDF)