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Minneapolis,  MN
DAY 53
Wednesday,  August 28
click photo to enlarge
From: Fargo ND
Total Distance: 235 miles
Estimated Total Time: 4 hours

Embassy Suites Hotel
425 South 7th Street

Julie Garrison, General Manager

City Hall
350 South 5th Street

Charles R. Weaver, Jr., Public Safety Commissioner
Mary Lou Fiala-Cludy, PD

Minneapolis FD Station 6
121 East 15th Street

John Dick, Fire Educator

Night time arrivals to bigger cities made it a little easier to get around, and find location we needed to be at in the morning. This was no exception, as it is a very big city bustling with activity. Paige again had managed to get us an unreserved room at a hotel located right near where we had to be in downtown.

In the morning we were scheduled to bring the banner over to City Hall. We displayed the banner in the main entrance inside the building. There are offices for City Officials, FD, and PD personnel. Many of them came out to speak with us, and sign the banner. A location like this was also very good for the public to come to.

From here we took the banner over to a busy FD located nearby. It was good opportunity to meet more firefighters, and give them a chance to sign the banner as well. In the evening, we set the banner out in a designated area of the hotel for the staff and guest to participate in the project.

Read Release from Minneapolis Fire Department (PDF)