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Shanksville,  PA
DAY 59
Tuesday,  September 03
click photo to enlarge
From: Windsor CANADA
Total Distance: 431 miles
Estimated Total Time: 7 hours

Flight 93 Memorial Site

Stonycreek School

Shanksville FD Station 627

Terry Shaffer, Fire Chief
Ernest Stall, Mayor

We had arrived during mid afternoon, and it was clear and sunny day. We had reservations at a nearby hotel, and checked in. We quickly refreshed ourselves from the days drive, and found our way to the field of the memorial site. There were many people here. It was nearing the anniversary date, and preparations were being made for a national broadcast. Several network media trucks were already in place.

With the help of others, we unrolled a few sections of the banner for people to sign. This was a very emotional moment for Paige and I. Being here, and seeing the site put into perspective the exact reason why we were doing this project. From the day we began this tour, we looked forward to the day we would actually be here. And now we were, and the feeling was overwhelming.

We then went into town to meet with the people that lived in the middle of this farm land. The people we met were very kind, and sincere towards us. They suggested we visit the school, in which the studentsí constructed a beautiful memorial sculpture garden. We then met with the FD, where it was arranged to display the banner for everyone to come sign. This gave us the opportunity to listen to many individuals tell us about there personal encounters on September 11th.

The Tribune-Democrat
John Rucosky, Staff Photographer

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