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District of Colombia

Shanksville,  PA
DAY 60
Wednesday,  September 04
click photo to enlarge
From: Shanksville PA
Total Distance: 15 miles
Estimated Total Time: 1 hour

Pennsylvania State Police
142 Sagamore Street

Trooper Terry Wilson
Trooper Pat Madigon
Trooper Michael Buncich

Near the highway on the way out of town, we visited a State Police Post. We had planned for this day to be a driving day. We were always interested in sharing the project with as many people as we could. And hearing about where they were, and how they remember 9/11. We knew these Troopers would have some seriously factual accounts to share with us.

The intentions of the banner had never waned, and all these people that we spoke with only reinforced our grassroots efforts with the banner, to unite the country at a very significant time. The next location we were going to visit was also very important, Washington DC.