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Baltimore,  MD
DAY 61
Thursday,  September 05
click photo to enlarge
From: Washington DC
Total Distance: 40 miles
Estimated Total Time: 1 hour

Baltimore FD Headquarters
414 N. Calvert Street

Kevin Cartwright, PIO

We made it to the city just past noon. We had been in advance contact with the FD, and they had been expecting our arrival. This was a very busy central station located in the heart of downtown. Alarms were ringing, firefighters were running, and trucks were on the move. In the upstairs office a meeting with several area Fire Chiefs was in progress.

We patiently waited, and spent some quality time talking with some of the remaining firefighters in the bay. The meeting adjourned, the trucks returned, and we all shared the banner project together. We could sense the intensity level rising amongst the FDís now. The 9/11 anniversary was less than a week away. The fire stations in the states we were going to now had been those that responded to the aid of NYC immediately. And as we would talk with the firefighters here, the telling of their stories had a heightened sense of incredibility to it.

We also could feel the intensity in ourselves, as we were only days away from concluding this journey. However, we still had several key stops to make, and the next one put us even closer. We were another hourís drive from making it to Wilmington DE.