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Wilmington,  DE
DAY 61
Thursday,  September 05
click photo to enlarge
From: Baltimore MD
Total Distance: 70 miles
Estimated Total Time: 1 hour

Wilmington FD Station 1
2nd Street

Joseph Kalinowski, PIO

It was a quick drive from Baltimore to get here. We had been in phone contact with the FD on the way. They had been anticipating our arrival, and staying as their guest for the evening. These guys were all very friendly, and went out of their way to make us feel at home. Before we even began to share the banner with them, an alarm call came in, and we were invited to jump in a truck.

We watched from the sidelines, as they rescued someone trapped in an elevator. Rather than heading straight back to the station, the Chief decided to show us around the town, and treat us to a classic summer treat. His brother owned an Italian Ice shop nearby, and it was the perfect reward.

Paige spent most of the early part of evening talking with the firefighters, and I worked out the itinerary details for the remainder of the tour. It seemed from here on, with the days and distance we had to cover, we should have no problem making it to NYC on September 11th. In the morning we would make it to Jersey City NJ.