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New Jersey

Jersey City,  NJ
DAY 62
Friday,  September 06
click photo to enlarge
From: Wilmington DE
Total Distance: 121 miles
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours

Jersey City FD
465 Marin Boulevard

Jose F. Cruz, Deputy Director
Thomas J. Murphy, Deputy Director
Jerome A. Cala, Director
Peter Gasiorowsk, Battalion Chief
William C. peters, Apparatus Supervisor
Joseph Vallo, Fire Fighter

It had been planned for several weeks in advance that this would be an important visit with the banner, and a special presentation would take place. This FD is directly across the Hudson River, and facing NYC. This FD was directly involved with the rescue and recovery on 9/11.

The banner had grown to be 9 sections by now, and with the help of the firefighters we set all out inside the truck bay. We also initiated the 10th section of the banner. Mr. Cala had shown us around the large facility, and explained to us what it was like to be here on 9/11. He also escorted us with the banner to several other FDs in the area. We met many firefighters here who were there on the morning of September 11th. The telling of their personal accounts was very emotional, and moving to hear.

It was a very memorable day, and it had set the tone for the next few days ahead. All the remaining states are within a 2 hour distance to NYC, and we were sure many of the FD would have similar stories of their own to share with us. From here we would drive to CT for the evening, and stay with family that lived here. In the morning we would leave for Brattleboro VT.

Read Letter from New York/New Jersey Port Authority (PDF)