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New Hampshire

Manchester,  NH
DAY 63
Saturday,  September 07
click photo to enlarge
From: Brattleboro VT
Total Distance: 75 miles
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours

Manchester FD

Our visit here was also planned in advance, and our arrival time was as scheduled. This was a fairly large FD situated in the center of downtown. We were told that it was a busy station, and that on this particular weekend it would be even more so. There was an annual fair happening. This always requires their extra awareness, and false alarm calls to respond to.

We set the banner out for everyone to sign while we had diner together. We were invited to stay the night, however, that changed when some of the firefighters disagreed with having a female guest overnight at the fire house. We were surprised by this, although we did not take it personally. This was not a big city with hotels available, so we were now anticipating sleeping in the car. This was until one of the more compassionate firefighters volunteered to let us use his nearby summer cabin, located on the lake a short distance from here. It was perfect, and we really, really appreciated it.

We awoke to another beautiful pre-fall day filled with brisk air, and clear skies above. The drive was very picturesque as we headed north along the coast to Portland ME.