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Rhode Island

Providence,  RI
DAY 65
Monday,  September 09
click photo to enlarge
From: Boston MA
Total Distance: 50 miles
Estimated Total Time: 1 hour

Providence FD
325 Washington Street

Paul Thomas, Captain

This was the only stop we had planned for this day. We had arrived mid afternoon at the Central Headquarters downtown. It is a complex that also incorporated the Police department as well. We had been in contact with this FD well in advance. It was a beautiful new facility, which was evident by the trucks and equipment in the bay.

It was clear to them that this was an exceptional project, and had come very far with it. They were most accommodating to help us set it out for them to sign. And they were pleased to make time to sit, and speak with us about their actions on 9/11 as well.

The anniversary in NYC was only 2 days away. Every FD we had visited was planning on sending representatives from their Fire House. Also, many cities were busy planning there own memorial events, and security measures. The banner project would be part of that on the very next day in Hartford CT.