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New York

New York City,  NY
DAY 67
Wednesday,  September 11
click photo to enlarge
From: Hartford CT
Total Distance: 117 miles
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours

St Peters Church
16 Barclay Street

We were up at 3am, to make it to NYC by 6am. We quietly drove through downtown, and made our way to the St Peters Church. There was a parking spot right there waiting for us. The early morning light was just breaking through, and before we did anything with the banner, we walked as near to ground zero as allowed. We used this moment in silence, and to behold all we had accomplished. We new this was going to be a very special day.

We laid the banner out on the front steps leading up to the portals of the church. A crowd had already begun to assemble here, as it was as close as anyone could get. In the hour that quickly passed, police bearers were in place, and thousands of people filled the area.

The procession coming from Brooklyn was coming right down Barclay Street, and past the church. We knew this as soon as we heard the bagpipes in the distance growing louder. And behind them were the buses filled with family members.

We had two new sections of the banner saved for NY. These were quickly filled in just the first hour. The only thing to do was to start on the back sides. Four more sections were filled throughout the morning. We had stayed until the last name was read aloud.

Family memorial services were being held at St Peters Church. Mayor Giuliani and Father Madigan came out to meet us, and sign the banner.

That afternoon we had a room reserved for us, in which we comfortably settled into for the night. Our message of Peace and Love was made, and delivered.

Read Letter from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (PDF)